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Monday, 20 June 2016

HOW TO REACH The Holy City of Lord Bhagwan Shankar Mahakal, Ujjain

By Air

Via Indore – Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport (IDR) at Indore is the nearest airport to Ujjain, 55 km away. Indore is connected to major cities in India by air. It has direct air connectivity with New Delhi, Mumbai, Bhopal, Pune, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Raipur and Ahmedabad. Taxi services are available to reach The Holy City of Lord  Bhagwan Shankar Mahakal, Ujjain from Indore airport.

Via Bhopal – Raja Bhoj Airport (BHO) at Bhopal is 172 km away from Ujjain. Bhopal has daily flights to and from New Delhi and Mumbai.

By Train

The Holy City of Lord  Bhagwan Shankar Mahakal, Ujjain railway station is a major junction of Western railway zone. It has many long distance and direct trains to almost all parts of India. You can board direct trains to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Jammu, Jodhpur, Jaipur Udaipur, Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Ratlam, Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Pune, Gwalior, Bilaspur, Patna, Nagpur, Cochin, Hyderabad, Bangalore. Dehradun etc. During the period of Simhasth Kumbh Mahaparv, trains coming to The Holy City of Lord  Bhagwan Shankar Mahakal, Ujjain will be halted at flag stations that are of little distance of 10-12 kilometers. Railway will provide buses to reach The Holy City of Lord  Bhagwan Shankar Mahakal, Ujjain and Mela area. Necessary arrangements will be made for the comfort of passengers at the flag stations. You can book rail ticket through website

By Road (Bus, Taxi)

Buses: The Holy City of Lord  Bhagwan Shankar Mahakal, Ujjain is well connected by road. Regular bus services are available from Indore (55 km), Gwalior (450 km), Ahmedabad (400 km) and Bhopal (183 km) to Ujjain. Air-conditioned buses are also available in these routes. The Holy City of Lord  Bhagwan Shankar Mahakal, Ujjain has two bus stands; one is near railway station for Agar, Kota and Nagda routes and at Nanakheda area to Indore and Maxi routes. You can book bus tickets from online travel portals and online and off-line travel agents. (,

Taxi: safe, quick and comfortable travel as Inter-city packages trips (outstation trips) is available to The Holy City of Lord  Bhagwan Shankar Mahakal, Ujjain by many branded pan India, regional and Indore city cab service operators.

TEMPLES OF The Holy City of Lord  Bhagwan Shankar Mahakal, Ujjain 
Today, The Holy City of Lord  Bhagwan Shankar Mahakal, Ujjain abounds in temples, hoary old tradition attached to each of them. But though most of them have been built upon sites of antiquity, none of them has survived in the original splendor. Desecrated and despoiled time and time again, the structures that stand today are of more recent date, renovated or rebuilt over the years. And yet, the temples form an integral part of The Holy City of Lord  Bhagwan Shankar Mahakal, Ujjain and contribute to the continuity of Ujjain’s tradition of greatness.

Shri Chintaman Ganesh Temple
The temple is built across the Shipra on the Fatehabad railway line. The Ganesh idol and enshrined here is supposed to be swayambhu – born of itself. The temple itself is believed to be of considerable antiquity. Riddhi and Siddhi, the consorts of Ganesha, are seated on either side of Ganesha. The artistically carved pillars in the assembly hall date back to the Parmar period. Worshippers throng to this temple because the deity here is traditionally known as Chintaharan Ganesh meaning “the assurer of freedom from worldly anxieties”.

Shri Mahakaleshwar Temple
The presiding deity of time, Shiva, in all his splendour reigns eternal in Ujjain. The temple of Mahakaleshwar, its shikhara soaring into the skies, evokes primordial awe and reverence with its majesty. The Mahakal dominates the life of The Holy City of Lord  Bhagwan Shankar Mahakal, Ujjain and its people, even in the midst of the busy routine of modern preoccupations, and provides an unbreakable link with past traditions….
{The temple is three-storeyed. In the lowest middle and uppermost parts are respectively installed the lingams of Mahakalesvara, Omkareshwar and Nagachandresvara.The pilgrims and the visitors can only have the glimpse of Nagachandresvara on the festive of Naga Panchami. A very large-sized Kunda named Koti Tirtha also exists in the temple-complex. The Kunda is built in the sarvatobhadra style. The Kunda and its water both are treated as very celestial. On the path adjoining the stairs of the Kunda, may be seen many images representing the sculptural grandeur of the temple built during the Paramara period. In the east of the Kunda is a large-sized Veranda in which there is the entrance to the path leading to the garbhagrha. In the northern side of the verandah, in a cell, the images of Sri Rama and goddess Avantika are worshipped. In the southern side of the main shrine, there stand many small Saivite temples built during the shinde regime among these the temple of Vrddha Mahakalesvara, Anadi Kalpesvara and Saptarshi are prominent and are the remarkable pieces of architecture.
The lingam of Mahakalesvara is colossus. The silver plated Naga Jaladhari and the inscribed and esoteric silver-plate covering the roof of the garbhagrha add extra grandeur to the shrine. Besides Jyotirlinga, attractive and small-sized images of Ganesa, Kartikeya and Paravati can be seen in the garbhagrha. All around the walls classical eulogies in the praise of Lord Siva are exhibited. The Nanda Dipa always remains lit. In the exit-path, there is a wide hall in which a most attractive metal quoted stone Nandi, in the sitting humble pose may be witnessed. The courtyard just opposite to the Omkaresvara temple add much to the magnanimity of the temple-complex. Just adjoining to this temple, there are two pillared projections facing the east and adding a lot to the architecture of the temple. The temple of Mahakalesvara is a planned admixture of the Bhumija, Chalukya and Maratha styles of architecture. The sikhara with the mini-srngas is very peculiar. In previous years its upper part has been covered with gold plate.As seen earlier, the present temple of Mahakala was built during the 4th – 5th decades of Eighteenth c. Simultaneously the religious-minded nobles of Maratha community also built many a temples in the temple-complex. During this period many ancient traditions such as worship abhisheka, arati, sawari (procession) in the Sravana month, Harihara-milana etc, were also revived. These are still continuing with joyful ceremony and devotional enthusiasm.
The Bhasmarti in early morning, Mahasivaratri, Pancha-Krosi Yatra, Somvati Amavasya etc. are special religious occasions interwoven with the rituals of the temple. Proper repairs and rejuvenation of the temple-complex is done at the time of the Kumbha Parva. In the year 1980, a separate mandapam was constructed to facilitate the visitors. In 1992, Madhya Pradesh Government and The Holy City of Lord  Bhagwan Shankar Mahakal, Ujjain Development Authority exclusively contributed special repairs and made provisions for the stay of pilgrims. The same process is also being followed at the time of the forthcoming Simhastha. }

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Near Nanakheda The Holy City of Lord  Bhagwan Shankar Mahakal,  

Indore Mandu

Day-09 : Indore – Mandu (90kms/02:00hrs) 

After breakfast, leave for “City of Joy” called Mandu on 90 

kms east of Indore city. On reaching Mandu, appointed local guide will take us for local sightseeing of Mandu city.

Mandu in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh State in Central India, is a historical city. Mandu city is stretched over13 kms belt on crest of Vindhya range, close to Narmada river valley. History of Mandu goes back to 6th century. Monument in Mandu were built in 14th & 15 century itself. Places to visit in Mandu are: Roopmati pavallion, Buland Darwaza 

(Darwaza means Gate), Jahaz Mahal, Hindola Mahal, Jami 

Masjid, Baz Bahadur Mahal, Rewa Kund, Hoshang Shah Tomb, 

Echo point etc. Ideal Mandu sightseeing is two days but 

must see points can be covered in single day sightseeing. 

Baobab tree in Mandu is another amazing thing to watch as 

it is rarely seen in India.
Overnight at hotel in Mandu.
Day-10 : Mandu – Maheshwar (65kms/01:30hrs) 
Begin our day with half-day visit to monument left in first 

day sightseeing. Later, after lunch drive towards 

pilgrimage town Maheshwar about 65kms from Mandu. Do local 

sightseeing of holy town on the bank of Narmada river.
Maheshwar in west part of Madhya Pradesh State in Central 

India. In Hindu religious books like Ramayan & Mahabharat, 

it is referred by the name of Mahismati, capital of King 

Kartivarjun. Places to visit in Maheshwar are : Maheshwar 

fort, Rajarajeshwara Temple, Kaleshwara Temple, Narmada 

Ghats, manufacturing units of Maheshwari Silk Sarees 

(Indian women traditional outfit) etc. Current Historical 

look of Maheshwar was result of efforts of Holkar Queen – 

Rani Ahilyabai in whose reign, many famous temples were 

constructed due to her efforts.
Overnight at Hotel in Maheshwar.
Day-11 : Maheshwar – Omkareshwar – Indore 
We will start the day with drive towards another beautiful 

holy island town called Omkareshwar (80kms/02:00hrs). On 

reaching Omkareshwar, we will do guided tour of the 

temples. It is at the confluence of Narmada & Kaveri 

rivers. Later at early evening, we will proceed for Indore 

Airport to board flight for Delhi.
On reaching Delhi, transfer to hotel
Overnight stay at hotel in Delhi. 

Delhi. One can find 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites in India 

: Red Fort, Qutab Minar, Humayun Tomb. Do rickshaw (3-wheel 

bicycle) drive of old Delhi areas covering Chandini Chowk. 

We will also visit to Rajghat where Mahatma Gandhi was 

cremated following his assassination. 
Overnight at hotel in Delhi.
Day 13 : Delhi – Departure
Day will be at leisure to revise tour experiences, go for 

local shopping or visit to some prominent temples of Delhi. 

Benefit of having day at leisure is to do incomplete tasks. 

Sometime due to bad weather, delay in flights/trains we 

find it difficult to reach final departing destination in 

time to board departing flight, in such situations leisure 

time compensates such time loss. Later proceed for Airport

Shripad Holidays
Contact person  : Rajesh Tiwari, 
+91 -9406841345, 9893264726
B-110, Dindayal Complex,
 Ujjain (MP), India

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IDBI Bank - 088102000018036
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Near Nanakheda The Holy City of Lord  Bhagwan Shankar Mahakal,  

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Contact person : Rajesh Tiwari,
Tel : +91 -9406841345, 9893264726
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Shripad Holidays
IDBI - 088102000018036
IFSCode - IBKL0000088
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